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The 'Cnidaria' organism group contains the following species. Click on any species listed below for a list of studies. Note that if we do not have the listed chemical in our database, the study information will not be included in the results. The PAN Pesticide database only includes pesticide-related chemicals.

Common Name Scientific Name Number of Studies
Stony coral Acropora formosa 24
Sea anemone Actinia equina 10
Anemone order Actiniaria 1
Hat coral Agaricia fragilis 2
Sea anemone Aiptasia pallida 6
Sea anemone Aiptasia pulchella 1
Sea anemone Anemonia sulcata 1
Cnidarian Anemonia viridis 2
Sea anemone genus Anthopleura sp. 1
Silver-spotted anemone Bunodactis stella 1
Coral Callyspongia diffusa 5
Hydroid Campanularis flexuosa 29
Green hydra Chlorohydra viridissima 29
Coelenterate phylum Cnidaria 21
Freshwater hydroid Cordylophora caspia 6
Elliptical Star Coral Dichocoenia stokesi 2
Grooved Brain Coral Diploria labyrinthiformis 2
Symmetrical Brain Coral Diploria strigosa 4
Anemone Edwardsia elegans 1
Marine hydroid Eirene viridula 9
Scleractinuan coral Favia fragum 3
Coral Favites chinensis 2
Plate coral Fungia scutaria 3
Hydra Hydra americana 4
Hydra Hydra attenuata 160
Hydra Hydra littoralis 14
Hydra Hydra oligactis 52
Hydra Hydra sp. 27
Hydra Hydra viridis 6
Hydra Hydra viridissima 80
Hydra Hydra vulgaris 114
Hydra-like class Hydrozoa 3
Lesser cactus coral Isophyllia sinuosa 2
Marine hydroid Laomedea loveni 16
Ten-ray Star Coral Madracis decactis 4
Yellow Pencil Coral Madracis mirabilis 14
Rose Coral Meandrina meandrites 2
Clonal plumose anemone Metridium senile 1
Fire coral Millipora alcicornis 2
Coral Montastraea faveolata 5
Scleractinian Coral Montastrea annularis 3
Large star coral Montastrea cavernosa 2
Coral Montipora verrucosa 15
Ivory tree coral Oculina sp. 2
Coral Palythoa mammillosa 3
Jellyfish Phialidium sp. 1
Coral Plexaura flexosa 2
Mustard Hill Coral Porites astreoides 2
Coral Porites compressa 3
Coral Porites lutea 6
Clubbed finger coral Porites porites 2
Artichoke Coral Scolymia cubensis 2
Starlet coral Siderastrea sp. 2
Blushing star coral Stephanocoenia michelini 2
Coral family Zoanthidae 1
Coral Zoanthus pacificus 5
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