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The 'Fungi' organism group contains the following species. Click on any species listed below for a list of studies. Note that if we do not have the listed chemical in our database, the study information will not be included in the results. The PAN Pesticide database only includes pesticide-related chemicals.

Common Name Scientific Name Number of Studies
Fungi Achlya racemosa 7
Fungi Alatospora acuminata 8
Fungi Alatospora constricta 6
Fungi Allomyces arbuscula 3
Fungi Anguillospora crassa 4
Hypomycete Anguillospora longissima 5
Fungi, Hypomycete Anguillospora sp. 4
Water mold Aphanomyces astaci 16
Fungi Articulospora sp. 7
Hyphomycete Beltrania rhombica 4
Hypomycete Campylospora chaetocladia 12
Fungi Campylospora sp. 4
Fungi Catenaria anguillulae 2
Fungi Corollospora maritima 10
Fungi Dictyuchus sterile 18
Fungi Flabellospora sp. 16
Hyphomycete Flagellospora penicillioides 16
Fungi Kingdom Fungi 46
Fungi Fusarium oxysporum 2
Fungus Geotrichum candidum 16
Hypomycete Helicosporium sp. 16
Hyphomycete Lunulospora curvula 17
Hyphomycete Lunulospora sp. 4
Fungi Neurospora crassa 6
Fungi Penicillium verrucosum 1
Hyphomycete Phalangispora constricta 8
Fungi Phanerochaete chrysosporium 15
Fungi Pythium sp. 17
Fungi Saprolegnia ferax 8
Fungi Saprolegnia parasitica 7
Fungi Saprolegnia sp. 22
Fungi order Saprolegniales 3
Fungi Thraustotheca clavata 3
Fungi Trichoderma hamatum 4
Fungi Tricladium splendens 6
Hyphomycete Triscelophorus acuminatus 4
Hyphomycete Triscelophorus monosporus 4
Hyphomycete Triscelophorus sp. 4
Fungi Varicosporium elodeae 12
Hyphomycete Wiesneriomyces javanicus 12
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