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The 'NematodesandFlatworms' organism group contains the following species. Click on any species listed below for a list of studies. Note that if we do not have the listed chemical in our database, the study information will not be included in the results. The PAN Pesticide database only includes pesticide-related chemicals.

Common Name Scientific Name Number of Studies
Roundworm Acrobeles sp. 3
Nematode Acrobeloides buetschlii 4
Nematode Acrobeloides sp. 3
Turbellarian Adenorhynchus sp. 1
Swim-bladder nematode Anguillicola crassus 31
Nematode Anoplostoma sp. 1
Folar nematode Aphelenchoides sp. 3
Nematode Aphelenchus avenae 40
Nematode Aporcelaimellus obtusicaudatus 5
Turbellarian Archiloa wilsoni 1
Turbellarian Archimonotresis sp. 1
Gnathostomulid Austrognathia christianne 1
Nematode Axonolaimus paraponticus 2
Flatworm Bothromesostoma essenii 2
Nematode Caenorhabditis elegans 505
Turbellarian, flatworm Catenula sp. 9
Nematode Cephalobus persegnis 30
Roundworm Cervidellus sp. 3
Nematode Chromadora nudicapitata 1
Nematode Chromadorina germanica 1
Nematode Chromadorita sp. 3
Turbellarian Convoluta sp. 1
Turbellarian, flatworm Crenobia alpina 2
Nematode Cyatholaimus sp. 1
Turbellarian, planarian Dendrocoelum lacteum 10
Trematode Diplectanum aequans 4
Nematode Diplogasteritus sp. 6
Nematode Diplolaimella sp. 31
Nematode Diplolaimelloides sp. 2
Gastrotrich Dolichodasys carolinensis 1
Nematode Dorylaimus stagnalis 6
Planaria Dugesia bengalensis 11
Turbellarian, flatworm Dugesia dorotocephala 185
Planaria Dugesia etrusca 9
Turbellarian, flatworm Dugesia gonocephala 42
Flatworm Dugesia japonica 29
Planarian, Vortex worm Dugesia lugubris 35
Turbellarian, flatworm Dugesia sp. 21
Turbellarian, flatworm Dugesia tigrina 122
Nematode Eleutherolaimus stenosoma 1
English nematode Enoplus brevis 28
Nematode Enoplus communis 24
Nematode Eubostrichus dianeae 1
Nematode Eurystomia sp. 3
Nematode Filenchus sp. 6
Potato Cyst Nematode Globodera rostochiensis 8
Gnathostomulid Gnathostomula microstyle 1
Gnasthostomulid Gnathostomula tuckeri 1
Parasitic monogean Gyrodactylus salaris 32
Parasitic monogenean Gyrodactylus sp. 25
Nematode Heterocephalobus pauciannulatus 8
Nematode Heterorhabditis bacteriophora 81
Gnathostomulid turbellarian Labidognathia longicolis 1
Gastrotrich Lepidodermella squamatum 5
Gastrotrich Macrodasys sp. 1
Monogenean Macrogyrodactylus clarii 5
Turbellarian, flatworm Macrostomum sp. 1
Turbellarian, flatworm Mesostoma ehrenbergi 1
Nematode Microlaimus sp. 2
Nematode Monhystera disjuncta 59
Nematode Monhystera microphthalma 16
Nematode Monhystera sp. 2
Nematode Mylonchulus sp. 3
Turbellarian Myopea crassula 1
Nematode phylum Nemata 80
Gastrotrich Neodasys sp. 1
Nematode Oncholaimus macramphida 2
Nematode Oncholaimus sp. 2
Turbellarian Parahaploposthia thiophilus 1
Paratenuisentis ambiguus 4
Nematode Pellioditis marina 12
Turbellarian, flatworm Phagocata gracilis 7
Planarian Planaria gonocephala 9
Planarian, flatworm Planaria sp. 19
Planarian Family Planariidae 8
Flatworm phylum Platyhelminthes 3
Nematode Plectus communis 13
Nematode Plectus parietinus 6
Turbellarian Polycelis felina 38
Planarian Polycelis nigra 79
Planarian Polycelis sp. 11
Turbellarian Polycelis tenuis 24
Fluke Polylabroides multispinosus 4
White grub Posthodiplostomum minimum 2
Nematode Prionchulus punctatus 4
Prismatolaimus sp. 3
Nematode Prochromadorella sp. 2
Turbellarian Prognathorhynchus sp. 1
Turbellarian suborder Proseriata 1
Monogenean parasite Pseudodactylogyrus 32
Monogenean parasite Pseudodactylogyrus anguillae 4
Monogenean parasite Pseudodactylogyrus bini 1
Monogenean parasite Pseudodactylogyrus microrchis 1
Nematode Rhabditis sp. 23
Parasitic nematode Romanomermis iyengari 4
Rotifer phylum Rotifera 175
Reniform nematode Rotylenchus sp. 3
Cestode Schistocephalus solidus 1
Trematode parasite Schistosoma haematobium 2
Trematode parasite Schistosoma mansoni 97
Turbellarian Solenofilmorpha funilis 1
Nematode Spinicauda spinicauda 7
Nematode Steinernema carpocapsae 29
Nematode Tobrilus gracilis 6
Fluke class Trematoda 11
Gastrotrich Turbanella mustela 1
Flatworm class Turbellaria 26
Nematode Tylencholaimus sp. 5
Nematode Tylenchus elegans 4
Nematodes Tylolaimophorus sp. 1
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