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The 'TerrestrialPlants' organism group contains the following species. Click on any species listed below for a list of studies. Note that if we do not have the listed chemical in our database, the study information will not be included in the results. The PAN Pesticide database only includes pesticide-related chemicals.

Common Name Scientific Name Number of Studies
Creeping bentgrass Agrostis stolonifera 1
Grass Briza media 1
Buttercup Caltha palustris 1
Seagrape Coccoloba uvifera 2
Barnyard grass Echinochloa crus-galli 8
Primrose Epilobium hirsutum 1
Primrose Epilobium palustre 1
Pipewort Eriocaulon septangulare 3
Sunflower Eupatorium cannabinum 1
Festuca rubra 2
Rose Filipendula ulmaria 1
Halophyte, Sea purslane Halimione portulacoides 4
Rose mallow Hibiscus palustris 1
Velvetgrass Holcus lanatus 1
Neogastropod Ocenebra erinacea 3
Rice Oryza sativa 830
Rose Parnassia palustris 1
European purple lousewort Pedicularis palustris 1
Smartweed Polygonum muhlenbergii 1
Smartweed Polygonum natans 1
smartweed Polygonum sp. 1
Rose Pontentilla palustris 1
Primrose Primula laurentiana 1
Buttercup Ranunculus aquatilis 6
Buttercup Ranunculus flammula 1
Buttercup Ranunculus fluitans 4
Buttercup Ranunculus penicillatus 3
Buttercup, Whitewater crowfoot Ranunculus trichophyllus 1
Knotweed, Garden sorel Rumex acetosa 1
Water dock Rumex hydrolapathum 1
Sickle senna Senna tora 3
Narrowleaf burreed Sparganium angustifolium 2
Bur-reed Sparganium eurycarpum 6
Striga hermonthica 1
Yellow meadow rue Thalictrum flavum 1
Red clover Trifolium pratense 1
Bread wheat Triticum aestivum 16
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